Customer Inquiry in AR

The A/R Customer Inquiry screen is a handy reference to all the information that exists for a customer in Sage 300.  This function has been expanded over the years to include the following tabs of information (depending on which modules are active in the database):

  • Profile - displays select customer information from the customer record
  • Address - displays the customer address and contact information from the customer record
  • Tax/Sales - displays information about a customer's tax status and salesperson.  Credit information is also shown here.
  • Credit Status - shows the current o/s balance and any pending balances as well as aging.
  • Comments - displays all comments entered in the customer record
  • Optional Flds - displays the optional fields assigned to the customer
  • Ship-To - lists all the ship-to locations that have been set up for a customer
  • Recur. Charges - displays information for recurring charges that are set up for this customer
  • Activity/Stats - provides information that is similar to the Activity and Statistics tabs in the customer record
  • Documents - lists all transactions that are posted for the customer.  Distribution details are displayed, as well as any transactions applied to the highlighted transaction.  Drill-down to the original entry is available for each document.  Document Inquiry can be opened from here as well.
  • Receipts - lists all customer payments that have been posted 
  • Refunds - lists all refunds that have been posted 
  • Adjustments - lists all posted adjustment transactions 
  • Pending - lists all transactions that are entered or generated, but not yet posted
  • OE Orders - lists orders and shipments that have been processed in Order Entry
  • OE Invoices - lists invoices, debit notes, and credit notes that have been processed in Order Entry
  • OE Sales - provides a sales history of items sold and processed through Order Entry
  • IC Contract Pricing - lists the items and item categories from pricing contracts that are set up for the customer in Inventory Control

All of this information can be located and edited and added in other places, but Customer Inquiry is the place where is is collected together in a central repository to enable the user to easily see a customer summary in one location.  However, if some of these tabs are not being used, they can be made invisible.  See AR Customer Inquiry Tabs for how to remove the unwanted tabs.

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