Creating a new user in Sage 300 ERP


What do I need to consider when creating a new user in Sage 300 ERP?



Creating a new User is very simple once Security Groups are setup in Administrative Services.  

Each module can be setup independently in Security Groups. This is the rights to view and edit information in any given module.

If the new user you are adding has a similar role to an existing sage user in your organization, then there is no need to setup a new Security Group. Follow the seteps for Creating a new user and copy the User Authorization of your existing user.

If the new user needs a more restricted view than any other existing Sage user, then follow the steps below to setup a new Security Group.  

1- Log in with Admin user credentials and navigate to Administrative services. Open the Security Group Icon

2- Select one of the modules in the drop-down Application field 

3- Select new in the Group ID field and give this new group a name and Description. 

4- On the lower part of the screen, tick the appropriate boxes and Save.

5-  Repeat steps two to four for any modules the new user needs to access.

you can now create a new user and give the user rights to this Security Group.

To create a new user:

1- Navigate to Administrative Services, and open the User Icon.

2- Press new, and Enter a unique User ID.

3- Enter the new user's full name in the User Name field.

4- At this point you can select how the user logs into the system. You can select to have the users login with their windows authentication, or define a sage password. If you chose Windows for Authentication Method, then fill in the windows domain and user name. If you chose Sage under Authentication Method, then define a password for the new user.

5- Select the appropriate boxes in the lower part of the window and select Add to create a new user.

6- Open the User authorization icon and select the new user.

7- in the lower part of the window, assign a Security Group for each sage module. If the new user has a similar role to an existing sage user, Bring up the existing users's Authorization profile and copy it for the new user. 


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