Graphics Printing Black in PrintBoss PDF

Problem Details:

Graphic is printing as a black box in the outputted pdf file. 



1. If the PDF Copy Shows Black Graphics
If the graphic is only black when a PDF file is printed (not e-mailed), check the PDF File Properties on the PDF tab of the Form Editor (Edit/Form Files/choose form/Editor). The resolution should be '216 dpi – Color' for color graphics. Otherwise, set this value to 300 or 600 dpi B/W. 

The graphic will be a black box when Searchable Text PDFs is selected as the Adobe plug-in translates all objects to text blocks. 

2. If the PDF attachment in E-mails Shows Black Graphics.

Properties for PDF attachments sent with the E-mail in PrintBoss are made on the Misc. Settings tab of the E-mail Settings dialog (Options/E-mail Settings). The resolution should be set similar to the description under PDF Copy above. 

NOTE:  if neither of the above two settings resolves the issue, update the Adobe Reader on the workstation having the issue.

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