Generating Inventory Worksheets

The first step to doing a physical inventory count is to generate and print the inventory worksheets, so the stock can be counted and recorded.  Go to Inventory Control / Physical Inventory / Generate Inventory Worksheet.  Select the location(s) and Account Set(s) for the worksheet.  The list of items can be selected and sorted by Item Number, Item Segment, Category, or Picking Sequence.  OR any optional field that is assigned to IC Items.  This provides a valuable tool for printing only select items and customizing your IC worksheet.

Select an option to include either: 

  • All Items - every single item in inventory 
  • In Use items only - those marked as In Use = Yes in Location Details.  Yes means transactions have been processed for the item, No means that no transactions have ever been processed for the item.
  • Items from this location only - only items assigned to the location (in Location Details) specified on the top line of the criteria will be included on the list.

The 'Default Quantity On Hand' option allows the user to include or exclude the current quantity to be set as the counted values by default. If the quantities are not generated, the quantity counted fields will all be set to zero in the Physical Count screen, forcing the user to enter a count for all inventory items.  If the quantities are generated as defaults, then the quantity counted field in the Physical Count screen are set to the quantity on hand numbers and the user only needs to change the counts which are different from the on hand numbers.  Note that for serial or lot numbered items, only the variance quantity of serial / lot numbers will need to be entered.

Once the worksheet is generated, go to Inventory Control / Physical Inventory / Inventory Worksheet.  It is here that the user can choose whether or not to include the quantity on the printed copy. Some users think displaying this quantity may skew the count, so they opt to leave it off.  Also, choose whether or not to include inactive items on the printed copy of the worksheet.  Even if an item is inactive, it may need to be counted and costed.

Note that only one worksheet per location can be generated at a time.  If a second worksheet for the same location is generated, it will overwrite the existing worksheet.  Therefore, ensure that the count is completed and posted before generating a second worksheet for the same location. 



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