Printing Payroll Cheques - More Cheques on the List than in the Payroll Run

Problem Details:

After calculating payroll, and selecting the Payroll Cheques function to print the payroll cheques or advices, more cheques are showing up on the list than were printed in the pre-cheque register, and were in the payroll run.



This is normally a result of having two payroll runs in progress at the same time.  Restricting the selection criteria too much on the pre-cheque register doens't allow the user to see all the cheques in progress.  For example, if someone did a payroll cheque run for a selection group 'management' and someone else did a payroll for a selection group 'office staff', but the pre-cheque register was printed for only one of those selection groups, then the user would not be made aware of the second run in progress.  By the same theory, if a pay run were done for a pay period end date of October 2, cheque date  October 5, and one for a pay period end date of Octber 5, cheque date October 8, restricting the Cheque date from and to values to only show the October 8 date,  would mean when the cheques were printed, the user would be surprised to see the other cheques in the list.  (since the Payroll Cheques criteria prints & posts THROUGH pay period end date...including all pay periods up to the date specified.)

It is recommended to leave the criteria wide open to see all the payroll(s) in progress on the cheque register. Then, before the cheques or advices are printed and posted, corrections can be made and only the desired cheques printed.


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