Serial/lot's quantity of item number does not match with the adjustment quantity

Problem Details:

When entering an IC adjustment, and either saving or posting the adjustment, or trying to insert a new line, the following error message appears:

"Serial/lot's quantity of item number ____ does not match with the adjustment quantity"

A similar error may also appear on OE Orders / Shipments / Invoices:

"Quantity and allocated lot numbers for item ____ must be equal."



In both of these examples, the document being posted contains an item which is either lotted or serialized, and the lot numbers or serial numbers have not been allocated to the item being shipped or adjusted.  Click on the header of the Quantity field (quantity shipped, adjusted, etc.) and the Lot Number (or Serial Number) Allocation Screen will be opened. 

Note underneath the detail section the Lot Qty Required (in this example) is 5, and the Remaining value is also 5.  That is because no lots have yet been assigned to this item for this adjustment.  Likewise, the Adjustment cost is 39.79 and the Remaining cost is also 39.79. 

Click inot the detail section to insert a line.  Ust the Auto-Allocate From option, or enter a lot number, or select a lot number from the finder.  Assign the appropriate quantity and cost to each lot.

When the quantity and cost of the lots assigned, match the values in the adjustment (or shipment), the Remaining values will be zero and the Lot Allocation Screen can be closed, and the document can now be saved or posted successfully.

It is possible to have 'Remaining' values in the allocation screen, and then when closing that screen and going back to the original adjustment (or shipment), editing those numbers on the adjustment or shipment to match the lot or serial number allocation. 

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