Network interruptions during cheque run



Network interruptions are usually not very serious and pass without users ever noticing. However, If it occurs during posting or cheque runs, it may have very serious consequences. This article will guide you if the interruption has happened during the last stage of cheque run. 

After entering a Prepayment on AP Invoice, or a Payment in AP Payments, you click on print check and the cheques get printed on a preview screen, or to your printer, depending on the print settings. Once the preview window is closed, Sage shows an error that your cheque was not printed successfully. The server has lost connection with the workstation just before the cheques printed, and Sage is not sure if the cheques got printed or not. There maybe a payment against the AP Invoice, but Payment entry will show no cheques printed.

Here is the error that would indicate Network Interruption:

Database error (operation = LOCATE, error = 65535)


Database error (operation = Get - GE, error = 65535)



Close Sage and log back in as ADMIN.

A message is generated on the screen informing the user that earlier processes have not completed and directs the user to Restart Maintenance.

Navigate to Administrative Services - Restart Maintenance

Click on the last record to view at exactly which record, the cheque run has stopped.

If you already have the physical cheque and you don't need to print it again, follow the procedures below. 

Navigate to Accounts Payable - AP Transactions - Payment Batch List

Open the batch that has the effected entry. Note that the status of the batch is "Cheque Creation in Progress". Navigate to the entry number specified in Restart Maintenance.

Click on Print Check

In this window simply check that the cheque number shown in the system matches the cheque you have printed.

If it is the same number, change the word "Not Printed" to "Printed" by double clicking on the word. 

Press Close. You will get the following message: "You did not mark Any checks to be reprinted. Have all checks printed successfully?". Click "Yes" to get back to the entry. Notice that the entry will now show the Cheque number. You can now close the batch close the payment batch, or print the rest of the cheques if there are more entries in that batch. Notice that your batch status is now "Open". You can go ahead and post the batch as normal, when you are ready. For more information you can also check out this article on Check creation in Progress



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