Entering Physical Inventory Counts

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What is the difference between the Physical Inventory Quantities function and the Inventory Counts function? 



There are two places to enter the quantities of items counted during a physical inventory count.  They are under I/C Physical Inventory - Physical Inventory Quantities and Inventory Counts .  The inventory numbers entered in the both of these screens update the current physical inventory worksheet.  Here are the differences between the two:

Physical Inventory Quantities: In addition to entering counted quantities, this screen allows the user to compare quantities on hand to actual counts, enter adjustment unit costs, and change the posting status for individual items.

Inventory Counts: This screen is a simpler version of the Physical Inventory Quantities screen.  From this screen the user is only able to enter inventory quantities.  No current quantities are displayed, nor any costing information.

Any users without access to costing information should use the Inventory Counts screen.  Users that will be adjusting or verifying costs will need to use the Physical Inventory Quantities screen. 

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