Hide Inactive Salespersons when entering an Order

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How to hide Inactive Salespersons when entering an Order



To hide inactive Salespersons in the Order Entry screen:

  1. Go to the Sales Split tab.

  2. Select the Salesperson field and bring up the Finder (F5).

  3. Press the Set Criteria button.

  4. Select Status in the Dropdown menu.

  5. Click Add to add this field to selection Criteria.

  6. Double click in the Criteria field.

  7. Select Active because you only want to see Salespersons who are active.

  8. Click Save to make these Criteria apply every time you create a new Order.

  9. Click OK to return to the Finder and you should only see Active Salespersons.

Please note that these Criteria apply only to the currently logged in User in Sage 300. You will need to perform these steps as each user to make sure they apply.

For more options on setting criteria see Setting Complex Selection Criteria

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