Existing F9 Reports not working with new Sage company

F9 is an Excel based reporting tool. It runs by accessing the databases and grabbing information right from the SQL database. At run time, the report will ask for a valid MSSQL user name, password, and database name. This will help the program login to SQL and create a link.

Problem Details:

An existing F9 report that works for all existing Sage companies, does not work on the newly created Sage company.



It is likely that the specific user, assigned in F9, to access the MSSQL databases, has not been given rights (in MSSQL) to the newly created database.  The F9 user name and password is defined in MSSQL management studio. This user needs to have read rights to the databases.  However, it is dangerous to allow this user too many rights.  Any changes made to the Excel spreadsheet, should not be written back to Sage tables. 

Log in to MSSQL Management Studio as SA or equivalent administrative user. 

Navigate to Security - Logins -  Double Click on "The F9 User"

From the left hand side menu, select "User Mapping"

Select one of the old Sage databases from the top part of screen and make note of the rights given in the bottom part of the screen

Select the new Sage database and give the same rights at the bottom of the screen.

Click OK and Refresh the connection.

Test the F9 report using the F9 user name and password.  


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