Payroll has calculated double pay for each employee


When printing payroll cheques, the employees have been paid double the normal amount. In some cases, where all the details don't fit in one page, each employee's cheque has printed over two pages. In this case the first page would be a void cheque and the second page will be the actual check.

How do you fix the payroll at this stage?



To Fix the Payroll, Follow the steps below:

  1. Close the cheque printing window without printing any cheques.
  2. Run the pre-cheque payroll register to determine why each employee has been double paid. The problem could be that each employee has two time cards entered for the same period.  
  3. Open Calculate Payroll Icon and Delete the Payroll.
  4. From The time card Icon, Go to each employee record and make sure each employee has the correct time card assigned. If there are two time cards, delete one of the time cards and save. 
  5. You are now ready to calculate payroll again, using the Calculate Payroll Icon.
  6. Print the Pre-cheque payroll register again to make sure the amounts are correct.
  7. Print the Payroll cheques.  


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