OE Salesperson Commission Report

Problem Details:

The OE Salesperson Commission Report does not display the full value of the invoices.



This report, which can be printed in detail or summary, lists commissions earned in the current commission period for each salesperson.  There are 2 types of commissions that can be tracked for a salesperson:  1) salesperson commissions and/or 2) category commissions.  In order for accurate data to be displayed on this report one or both of these commission types needs to be setup.

In OE Setup / Options, on the Processing tab, make sure the option to 'Track Commissions' is turned on. This is required for both types of commissions.

1) Salesperson Commissions:  In AR Setup / Salespersons - turn on the option for 'Paid Commissions' and set a rate.  Note that more than one rate can be established as well, based on sales volumes. This commission rate will now be used to any sales invoice where the salesperson is assigned. 

2) Category Commissions:  If category commissions are turned on, they will always override the salesperson commissions. In IC Setup / Categories on the Options tab, turn on the option to 'Allow Commissions' and set a Commission Rate.  Any item belonging to this category will now generate a commission at this rate for the salesperson assigned to the sales invoice.

It is possible to use a combination of category commissions and salesperson commissions by only allowing commissions for some categories.  In this case, the salesperson commissions will take effect for any items on a sales invoice where category commissions are not turned on.  Therefore, if different rates are needed for some items the category commission should be turned as this will override the salesperson commission rate.

In the case where the OE Salesperson Commission report appears to be displaying inaccurate or incomplete information, it is most likely that commission rates are set to zero, and/or that category commissions are not turned on.


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