Crystal Report Form or Report not printing

Sage uses Crystal report for most of it's forms and reports. Every time the user presses print to get a PDF page, there is sure to be a Crystal report at work. In this article we are going to look at a few things to check if your reports are not printing.



Crystal report such as Inventory Reconciliation Report doesn't print



1- The first thing to check when a report is not printing is your Print Destination. Your Print Destination is a small icon at the bottom right hand side of your main desktop screen. You can also get to it from File - Print Destination. Open up your Print Destination and make sure it's set to Print preview. Now the reports will show in a PDF format on your screen. Once you have the report on your screen, you can select any printer on your network. If you want to set this printer as your default printer, right click on the printer and select Set As Default Printer.   

2- A Printer can be set at crystal report level by going to the File and selecting the Print Setting option. The best practice is, however, to set your Print Destination to Preview and print the report after you have viewed it on the screen. 

3- Check the path to the report. Depending on the way Sage has been setup in your organization, reports print either from the C drive or Custom directory on Shared data directory. check that the report you are trying to print is still in the directory and it has not been moved or renamed. 

To check the report path, click on Brows next to the reports name, and navigate to the folder where reports are saved. 

To find out the path to your shared data directory: from the main desktop screen, click on File, then select System Information. The path will be shown on this screen. Open a windows explorer and navigate to this address. If you can't navigate to your shared directory, you may be experiencing a network problem. Contact your system administrator and make sure you get access to the server. 

These are just a few things to check when your reports suddenly stop working. 


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