No Insurable Hours when printing ROE

Problem Details:

When printing an ROE for an employee, Box 15A for Total Insurable Hours reports 0.00.  Box 15C has insurable earnings, but all insurable hours are also listed as zero.



This problem is seen most often for salary employees, or for those employees where a timecard is not needed.  In the employee record, go to the Pay tab and check the Default Hours for the Salary code.

If the default hours are set to 0.00, then these are the insurable hours that will be recorded for each payroll.  To avoid this problem in future, set the default hours to the appropriate number per pay frequency.  Ensure any timecards entered, have the correct number of hours in the Hours field of each detail line. 

To resolve the immediate problem where Box 15C has recorded zero insurable hours, select the check box beside 'Check here to edit and print block 15C'.  Manually enter the insurable hours for each pay period.  Box 15A will be updated with the sum of all the entries in 15C.


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