Error when trying to print Checks - File not found

Problem Details: 

When printing cheques or cheque advices, the following error message appears: 

"Crystal Reports Error: C:\sage\bk61a\eng\cpadvice.rpt - File not found", where the rpt file will be whatever cheque spec that is trying to be printed. this could hppen in AP, AR, or Payroll.



This message indicates that a custom form is being used, and that the program cannot locate the custom form in the custom folder.  Then the program goes to the folder of the bank module, to look for the form, since the cheques are posting into that module, and returns the error, since the forms are not located in that directory.  

Find the location of the custom folder under Administration Services / Customization Directories.  Then browse to that location and look for the module folder.  For example, if the error occurs in AP, and the version of Sage is 2012, look for a folder name AP61A.  If the error occurs in Payroll and the version of payroll is 7.2, then look for a folder CP72A.  Under the module folder, there will be a folder called Eng (for English) and inside that folder will be the report spec files.  The custom form should be located there. 

Ensure the user has adequate access to those folders, and confirm the module folders all have the correct format.  In the case of a recent upgrade, it is possible that the folder for the new version has not been created.  If the folder does not follow the required format, (for example, if the folder name is CP72 and not CP72A) the error will appear.  

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