Refreshing the Data in your Test Company


One of the wonderful things about Sage is the ability to test out transactions in your TEST COMPANY before posting it in your live system. At the time of system setup, your Sage consultant would make a copy of your live system to create your TEST COMPANY. The problem arises when your test data  becomes too old and not relevant. This is when the test environment needs to be refreshed with the most recent version of your live system.

Please make sure that you do have a test company already setup before you follow these instructions. The following instructions are not meant to assist you in creating a new test environment. You may find this article on Creating a Duplicate Company Database more helpful if you are creating a new test company. 



To refresh the data on the TEST COMPANY, you would need to make a copy of your live company (this is called a Database Dump) and load that copy over on the test company's database (this is called a Database Load).

To make a copy of your live system, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Sage's Database Dump. This tool can be found by typing 'Database Dump' in the START menu.
  2. Login using the ADMIN password.
  3. Select SET DIRECTORY... and choose a folder on your C drive (or a place you would usually store your files). An image of your live system will be placed in your chosen path.
  4. Highlight the live company's database and select DUMP. This process will take a few minutes depending on the size of your database. Once the DB Dump is done, a window will pop up asking you to name your image. Name your dataset and close Database Dump
  5. Open Database Load from the START Menu, and login as ADMIN
  6. Select SET DIRECTORY and navigate to the file that you placed your copy of live company.
  7. The dataset will pop up in the main window titled 'Select the database to be loaded'. Highlight the database and select NEXT.
  8. The next Window is titled 'Select the database to load the dataset into'. Highlight your TEST company database here and Select NEXT.
  9. Select FINISH in the next window to start the Load.
  10. Once the Load is done, close the Database Load tool and open Sage. you can now login and test.

Follow these links for more articles on Database Dump and Database Load.




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