How to make a Price List Inactive

Problem Details:

The price list is no longer being used.  Can it be deleted to prevent users from accessing it and using it  by mistake?



It is not recommended to delete any price lists.  If the price list is deleted, any document that the price list has ever been used on, will return a data integrity error.  Unfortunately, there is no option in the price list setup to make a price list inactive. 

The best solution will be to put an expiry date on all of the items in the price list, to prevent further use.  This is done most efficiently with an export and an import.  Open the price list and view the first item in the list.  Enter a date in the past for 'price list ends' field.  Save the record.  Now export all items in this price list, copy this end date into all the other items, and import. 

When someone tries to use this price list for this item, a warning message telling them the price list does not include this document's date will be displayed.

The user then has the option to choose another price list, or continue using the current expired list.  However, if the user continues with this expired price list, the unit price will show up as 0.000 and the finder for the Unit Price field will not work, so the user cannot select any other unit price based on the discount or markup percentages of the price list.  No pricing information is available.  In order to continue, the user must manually enter a price into the unit price field, or select a valid price list (or sell the item at 0.00).

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