Deposits cleared in bank rec are not removed from Bank Rec screen after posting the Reconciliation

Problem Details:

A bank reconciliation is balanced and posted.  Upon opening the bank reconciliation screen to move the dates forward, some deposits that were cleared, still remain on the Transactions tab. 



Sometimes the bank module has difficulties updating fields correctly, and this can be resolved by 'refreshing' the bank rec.  This can be done by un-clearing the deposits and saving the bank rec.  Then clear the deposits again, and save.  Post the bank rec. 

The source of the problem may be seen if we export the offending transactions into Excel.  From the Reconcile Statements screen, click on File / Export.  Set criteria, so that only those problematic transactions are exported.  (See Setting selection criteria for more information on criteria selection.)  Open the file in Excel, on the Bank_Transaction_Header tab, and locate the column 'Linesrec'.  If these transactions were cleared successfully, this value should be 1 (or more).  If the value is zero, then the transaction will not be removed at the time of posting the reconciliation.  Refresh the bank rec as described above.  When unclearing the deposit, a warning message about reconciled lines cannot be negative may be displayed.  Continue to refresh the bank rec to resolve. 


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