How to change a user's From Email Address in PrintBoss



Emails going out of PrintBoss has the wrong From Address.




Each network user holds a User Profile with PrintBoss.

Every time a new user joins your organization, you can either create a new user profile, or copy and exciting user setting for the new user. When a PrintBoss user profile is copied from another user, all the personal settings will be pointing to the original user. 

If the From email address is not set, or is showing the wrong email address, follow the steps below to change your settings.

1- Log into the workstation as the user who is having the problem.

2- Open PrintBoss from the Start menu.

3- Click on Options, then Email Settings. If this option is grayed out, you will need to log in to PrintBoss as administrator. To Log in, click on File, then User Log-In.

4- Open the Default Address Tab, and change personal settings here. 

5- Save and Close the PrintBoss console. 



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