Update PR tax tables to 7.2D - January 2016

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Where to download and how to install and activate the payroll tax update 7.2D for January 2016?


Sage changed the structure of payroll in the fall of 2015, and is now only publishing tax updates for one version of Sage300 payroll. This version is CP7.2.  Therefore, if you have not yet updated payroll to 7.2, this is the first step before the tax update can be installed.  Please contact us for assistance with this upgrade (604-544-7587 or  Payroll 7.2 is compatible with Sage300 version 2012, 2014 and 2016, so if you are already using one of those current Sage300 versions, the payroll upgrade to 7.2 is a simple process.   

After confirming CP7.2 is installed and active, download the payroll tax update (7.2D) from one of the following locations.

If you are having difficulties obtaining the file, please contact a technician for assistance.

Save the tax update on the server in the shared data location, so it is accessible for installation on all workstations.  NOTE:  It is required to install the update on all workstations where Sage300 is installed, (not only on the stations where payroll is being processed, as was the case previously).  The activation of the PR tax update in the company database will (on workstations where the tax update is not yet installed) disable the other modules (such as AP and AR) until the tax update is installed on that workstation.  

The best time to do the installation is after the last payroll is run for December, and before the first payroll is processed in January.

Logon to the workstation as the administrator and browse to the tax update file. The filename is ct72d_01012016.exe.  Double click to launch the install (or right click on the tax update file and select the option to 'run as administrator') and follow the prompts. It is no longer necessary to run the regacc utility because the tax update installation now does that process automatically as part of the installation. The tax update has now been successfully installed on the workstation.

Although installed, the update is not yet in use.  It must be activated in the database.  Logon to Sage 300 as the ADMIN user, and backup your database. The dbdump function under Administrative Services is recommended.  (see Backup using DB Dump).  Ensure no other users are in the database and go to Administrative Services / Data Activation.  You will be prompted to confirm that you have backed up your data.  Select the payroll update and click Next.

On the next screen, click Activate. 

There will be a progress bar indicating the status of the activation.  It is not uncommon for the completion value to exceed 100%, (sometimes going to 142 and even 150%) so don't let that alarm you!  Once the process is completed, review and then close the message on the screen.  The status on the Application Activation Status screen has now been changed from 'pending' to 'activated'.  Close this screen.  You can verify this successful activation by clicking on Help / System Information and confirming that the tax update has a red check mark beside it.

New tax information is now loaded and ready for payroll calculation.  Note that installing and activating the payroll tax update does not automatically update the TD1 values for the employees to the new basic exemption amounts.  (this information is displayed on the message screen at the finish of the activation)  For detailed information on the best ways to update each employee's tax exemption amounts click here Update TD1 Values

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