Common Problems when Installing the Payroll Tax Update for Jan 2016

There are two common issues that have been identified with the installation and activation of the payroll update for Jan 2016.  (see Installing the PR Tax Update for Jan 2016). 


1.  When launching the installation file for the tax update, the following message is displayed: 'You must install a compatible version of Sage300 Payroll before installing this product update'. 

Sage changed the structure of payroll in the fall of 2015, and is now only publishing tax updates for one version of Sage300 payroll. This version is CP72.  This message indicates that your payroll version is NOT 7.2 and must be upgraded before the tax update can be installed.  Check the version of payroll installed by clicking on Help / System Information and view which payroll module has the red checkmark beside it:

In this example, CP71 is installed and active, and therefore, the tax update for Jan 2016 will not be able to run.  Payroll must be upgraded to 72 in order to be eligible for the tax updates.  The good news is that Payroll 7.2 is compatible with Sage300 versions 2012, 2014 and 2016, so if you are already using one of those current Sage300 versions, the payroll upgrade to 7.2 is a simple process.  Please contact us at 604-544-7587 or


2. After installing the payroll update for Jan 2016, some users will logon and get the following message: 'Sage 300ERP detected module update inconsistencies that require activation. The following applications need to be installed and activated: Canadian Payroll 7.2A or newer version. The current versions of these applications will be disabled until they have been installed and activated'. 

This issue is also the result of a changing payroll structure.  This error may appear when payroll 7.2 is installed and activated, and the update 7.2D is installed but not yet activated.  In past versions of payroll, it worked perfectly well, to install the update but not activate it until the final pay run of the old year had been completed. However, in some situations, this is no longer an option.  Clicking through this error message, allows Sage to open, but all modules (not just payroll) have been disabled.  The solution in this case is to activate the payroll tax update through Administrative Services / Data Activation.  After the activation is complete, all modules again appear on the desktop. 

The secondary issue is when the payroll update has been activated, but not installed on all workstations, and other modules (such as AR & AP) are no longer accessible to the user.   In the past, any workstation which did not run payroll could skip the update.  This is no longer an option.  It is now mandatory to install the update on all workstations where Sage300 is installed.  The activation of the PR tax update in the company database will (on workstations where the tax update is not yet installed) disables the other modules until the tax update is installed on that workstation.  The solution here, is to install the payroll update on ALL workstations and servers where Sage is installed, regardless of whether or not that station will be used to access payroll. 



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