View 'PO0710' is not a valid ViewID After a Sage ERP Upgrade


After installing sage 2016, and upgrading data to 2016, there is an error on PO Receipt Entry icon: "View 'PO0710' is not a valid ViewID."

This error could also read: "Error occurred when opening view PO0710"

This is a known error to Sage and there is a KB article (38669) written on their website. in this article the following two errors are also linked to the same problem.

"Error occurred when opening view PO0424"

"View 'PO0424' is not a valid ViewID."

This is as a result of an interference caused from an incompatible Sage Fixed Asset program.

Check to see if there is an old version of Fixed Assets active on the system. Below are instructions on how to check:
1- From the main Sage desktop, click on Help
2- Click on System Information
3- Is there a red check mark next to FA module? If there is, then FA is Active.
4- If FA is active, then check the version number and it's compatibility with Sage 2016.


If your version of FA is not compatible with Sage ERP version, there are two ways to fix the problem. The first solution is to install a version of Fixed Assets that is compatible with your Sage ERP. The second method is to deactivate the FA module.

Follow these steps to deactivate the Fixed Asset module. (NOTE:  this method requires manual manipulation of the data in SQL and it is recommended that a technician assist with this procedure.) 
1- Close Sage and Backup your database
2- Open the CSAPP table to Edit in MSSQL Management Studio
3- Go to line that has the entry for FA and change FA to XY. There are two columns on this line that need to be edited. Change both fields from FA to XY.
4- Save and close out of Management Studio.
5- Open Sage ERP and check that there are not FA entries in the Information Management window.

Your PO icons will open with out any interruption once the incompatible version of FA is deactivated.

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