Cannot perform "Open Private Store" when emailing from PrintBoss

Problem Details:

When emailing from PrintBoss, using Outlook, the following message is displayed:
Cannot perform 'Open Private Store'. After clicking 'OK' the status of the email is 'successfully mailed' but, in fact, the email has not been sent.



Printboss is only compatible with Outlook 32-bit at this time.  This error message indicates that Outlook 64-bit is being used.  The 64-bit version will need to be uninstalled and the 32-bit version installed.  Also, check if two versions of Outlook are installed on the workstation.  If both versions (32 and 64 bit) of Outlook have been installed on the workstation, even if the 64-bit version is not configured for use, it will conflict with Printboss and stop the emails from being sent out. The 64-bit version of Outlook must be uninstalled for Printboss to work effectively.


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