CPP Exempt box on T4

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How to get the X mark on the CPP Exempt box on a T4?



There are 3 cases in which Sage will mark the X in the CPP Exempt box on a T4: 

  1. If the employee is younger than 18 - even though CPP is a tax assigned to the employee, it will not calculate
  2. If the employee is older than 70 - even though CPP is a tax assigned to the employee it will not calculate
  3. if the employee did not have the CPP tax assigned to them (even if they are between 18 - 70 yrs of age)

Note that if the employee has CPP withheld on any cheque throughout the calendar year, (if the exempt status was only in effect for part of the year), then the exempt X will not display on the T4.

Following is information from the CRA website, regarding the CPP Exempt status:  CRA - CPP Exempt


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