Sage 300 Version 2014 - Product Update 4 - January 2016

January 2016

The following are some of the features and fixes the Product Update 4 addresses in Version 2014:

  • Fixed a problem that caused a “Propagating System Tables” message to appear when opening a database
  • Fixed a problem that caused a “Lines Reconciled should not be greater than Lines” error message to appear in bank reconciliation
  • Fixed a problem that could occur if your system is set up to prevent printing checks (in AP) with duplicate numbers where when a check with a duplicate check number was printed, no error message appeared
  • In Order Entry it is now possible to specify whether a message appears when you post an order with an expected ship date that is later than the Deliver By date

 To review the complete Release Notes, please click here: Version 2014 Product Update 4 Release Notes

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