How to add a new company to Intercompany Transactions


A new Company has been added to your Sage 300 ERP system, and you want to add this company to your current Intercompany Transaction module. However, when you open the Setup - Options icon, you can't see the new company in the list of your Company ID. This is because the Intercompany Transaction module has not picked up the new company yet. To update your module, follow the instructions below. 


Make sure you are the only user logged into Sage. 

Navigate to Intercompany Transaction Setup, and open the Options icon

Press Update Company Information button at the bottom of the screen to bring in updated information about your new Sage company. 

Press the Update Accounts button to bring in any changes in the accounts.

Press Insert, to add a new line for the new company. The new company's Campany ID will now be displayed in the list of Company ID.

Add the new company and select a GL account. Press Save and then press Update Accounts again to save all the changes in the module. 

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