Error in Customer Number Change and GL Account Change

Problem Details:

After upgrading to payroll 7.2, Customer Number Change and GL Account Code Change utilities are unable to be used.  The following error message appears when trying to open these functions:

'Newer version of Canadian Payroll was detected. Customer Number Change (GL Account Code Change) must be upgraded."



Both of these modules integrate with payroll, and the programs check for version compatibility before opening the function.  The configuration settings need to be updated for this new version of payroll. Browse to the program files directory and under SG62A (GL Account Code Change), there will be a file SG.ini.  Open this file in Notepad and edit the version of payroll from CP71A (or whatever it is) to CP72A.  Save the file.  This needs to be done on each workstation and server where the program is installed.  Make the same change for SR62A (Customer Number Change) and the SR.ini file.  The completed file will look something like this: (the CP line is highlighted in red here, but will not be in the actual file!)


[Version Support]
BK Bank Services=62A
TX Tax Services=62A
AR Account Receivable=62A
IC Inventory Control=62A
OE Order Entry=62A
PO Purchase Orders=62A
SH Sales Analysis=51A
TC Contact Master=41A
CZ Contact Master Professional=54A
PM Project and Job Costing=62A
CP Canadian Payroll=72A
UP US Payroll=71A


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