Internal Error: pscStart

Problem Details:

When posting batches to the GL the following error is returned:

Description: Internal error. pcsStart error (1361 GLJPST1.C). Write down the message, leave Sage 300 ERP and Windows and return to the system prompt. Reset your computer and try the task again. See the Message Help section in the System Manager help for more information.


Solution Details:

This message indicates the restart.ism file is corrupted.  Login as ADMIN and got to Administrative Services / Restart Maintenance.  Check all the restart records, and delete all records that can be deleted, and resolve the restart function for any others.  See Restart Records for which records can be deleted without issue, and which ones need to be resolved. After there are no more restart records left, the error pcsStart will be gone. 

Another option is to delete (rename) the restart.ism file from the SITE directory in the shared data directory.  This will eliminate all restart records at one time, and Sage will recreate this file at the next logon.  However, this should only be done if there are no restart issues that need to be completed.  It would be best to have the assistance of a technician before implementing this option.

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