PrintBoss forms not appearing after upgrade to Sage V2016

Problem Details:

PrintBoss forms are not appearing in cheque selection drop down lists


After installation of PrintBoss with Sage 300 Version 2016 no PrintBoss cheques appear in the cheque selection drop down lists even after running Special Workstation tasks in PrintBoss Setup. To solve try the following:


  1. Locate PrintBoss accounting report specs

    • PrintBoss Installation Folder\Specs\ACCPAC

    • Use Ver62 for most Sage reports

    • Use Ver71 for Payroll reports

  2. Copy files to Sage directories

    • e.g. AP63A\ENG for AP, AR63A\ENG for AR, CP72A\ENG for Payroll etc.

    • We recommend that if you customize forms, you store them under the custom directory. Sage will find files in this directory structure and will use them instead of files with the same name in the standard Sage directories. They will also appear in selection drop down lists. It also makes it easier at upgrade time to identify which files have been modified and thus must be upgraded.

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