New Functionality - T4As in Payroll 7.2

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How does the new T4A functionality work?



The T4A slip is used as a 'Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income'.  You can read about the specific payments that should be reported on a T4A slip here: When to fill out a T4A slip.

The ability to identify payments for T4A purposes was introduced in Payroll 7.2.  The first step in using this new functionality is to create earning codes that reference the specific Boxes on the T4A slips.  Go to Payroll Setup / Earnings and Deductions and create the code.  On the Employee Tab, select one of the T4A Boxes to assign to the code. 

Once the code is created, assign the code to the employee(s) and process payment for the employee(s). 

To print the T4A slips, go to Payroll Government Reports / T4As.  Select the payment year, and the other appropriate criteria and print.  T4A Electronic Filing capabilities are also available under Payroll Government Reports. The process for T4A efiling is similar to the process for efiling T4s.  See Electronic Filing of T4s for more detailed information on that function.



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