EFT Payments don't get a document number

Problem Details:

When issuing EFT payments through AP, there is no document number (like a check number) assigned to the payment.  How can we get an identifying number on this type of payment?



This is due to the Payment Type 'other' being used for the Payment Code for EFT transactions.  Payment Codes are used to group vendor payments by the type of payment (check, cash, debit, credit card, etc.).  These are created in AP Setup / Payment Codes.  When creating payment codes, a 'payment type' field needs to be assigned, and there are four pre-defined types available:

  • cash
  • check
  • credit card
  • other

Typically, anything that is not cash, check or credit card falls into the 'other' category.  However, only the check payment type allows for a check number to be assigned to the transaction.  This means that if you want your EFT payments to have check numbers, they need to be assigned to a 'check' payment type. 

Then go to Bank Services / Banks and create a new Check Stock code specifically for EFT Payments and assign it a different check numbering sequence than regular AP checks.  This way, it will be very simple to identify which checks are AP checks and which are EFT transfers in the bank rec.

When making a payment through AP, select the appropriate check stock code when printing either checks or advices, to get the numbering sequence for checks or EFT payments.



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