Employee has Two T4s

Problem Details:

Printing T4s and one or more employees have 2 T4s, with different values on them.  The total value of both T4s equals their correct YTD earnings.  Why are there two?



One of the reasons for the program to issue two T4s for the same employee is if the Province of Employment has changed in the calendar year.  On each of the T4s, check Box 10 to see what province is specified on each slip.

When a new employee is added, the default Province of Employment on the Class/Schd tab is Alberta.  If there are some payroll cheques that are issued when this value is Alberta, and then the province is changed to BC or some other province mid-way through the year, two T4s will be generated, one for each province. 

In order to remove the T4 for one of the provinces, all cheques for that province of employment would need to be reversed and then re-issued with the correct province of employment (with a manual cheque or transaction history entry so that the exact values could be entered).  Then only one T4 will be generated.

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