How to Setup an AP Payment Code

Problem Details:

Need to setup new AP Payment Code.


Go to AP / Setup / Payment Codes.

Enter a code to identify the vendor payment type, using up to 12 characters. In the field to the right, enter a description for the payment code.

Payment codes are used to identify the types of payments you process.

For example, your company may use different codes for payments made by credit cards — one to identify each of the three credit cards you use.

Select one of four payment types available for each code:

  • Cash.
  • Check.
  • Credit Card.
  • Other.  The Other payment type lets you define payment codes besides cash, check, or credit card. For example, you might create an EFT code for electronic fund transfers.

Press Save. Done!

For more information on payment codes, see also Document Numbering & Payment Codes


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