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When exclusive access is required in Sage300, how can the other users be forced to logout?



This is a function that has been asked for in Sage 300 for many years.  It has become available in Version 2014 product update 2. 

Only the ADMIN user is able to logout other users from Sage 300.  Click on Help / Current Users and this screen will popup:

De-select the checkbox to 'Show screens users have open' to activate the 'Sign Out Selected Users' functionality.  If the checkbox beside 'User Name' is checked, then all users will be selected.  Otherwise, individual users can be selected by checking the box beside their name.  Then click on Sign Out Selected Users.  A popup window will appear asking for the ADMIN password, and warning the user to backup the data as forcing users out may cause data corruption. 

Once the password is entered, and the 'Sign Out Users' button is clicked, the program will try to logically shut down the screens the user has open and close their program files. This may take several minutes, the process is not instantaneous.  The Current Users screen will be updated as soon as the user(s) has been logged out. 



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