Credit Note issued from Service Manager does not return stock to Inventory

Problem Details:

Credit note issued through Service Manager is not returning stock to inventory



There are four Entry Modes when entering an item transaction in Service Manager.  The default mode is Supply, which is used for selling an item to a customer.  The other modes are:

  • Credit and Return
  • Price Debit Adj.
  • Price Credit Adj.

If the credit note issued does not return the item to inventory, then it is most likely that the Price Credit Adj. entry mode has been used to issue the credit.  A manual IC Adjustment will need to be done.  When returning items, the entry mode Credit and Return must be selected.

Price Debit Adj. and Price Credit Adj. entry modes will increase or decrease the price charged to the customer respectively, but they will not affect the quantity of inventory sold or returned.

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    Cecilia Lee

    I have erroneously issued a credit note of $50.00 through Service Manager using "Credit & Return" entry mode. The total amount for the credit note should have been $55.00, hence there's a balance of $5.00 still outstanding when it should have been zero.

    I tried to issue a 2nd credit note against this job using the "Price Credit Adj" entry mode but got this error message: "Entry Mode may only be applied if line has been posted". How do I issue a credit note that adjusts only the price charged to customer without returning any stock item to inventory.

    Appreciate any input.


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    Hi Cecilia,
    I have tested the scenario that you described and I am not getting the results you are seeing. After posting a 'credit and return' it is still possible to also post a 'Price Credit Adj' entry as well. I would be happy to assist you with this further if I could see the process you are going through and your results. Would you like me to create a tech case for you so that I can give you a call to review?

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    Here are the steps that I went through:
    1) invoice the item & post invoice
    2) run day end processing
    3) use 'credit & return' to credit the item but change the price to a lower price than the original invoice. Post the credit note and run day end processing.
    4) use 'Credit Price Adj' to credit the difference between the original invoice and the first credit note. Change the estimated quantity to 0. Post the credit note and run day end processing.
    All of these steps completed successfully. Let me what (if anything) that you are doing differently.

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