Printing AR Customer Statements

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How to print customer AR Statements?



Go to AR Customer Reports / Statements/Letters/Labels and select the radio button for Statements.  A couple of key points when running Customer Statements:

  • Select the Delivery Method.  Statements can be all printed in the same way, based on the Print Destination or they can be either printed or emailed depending on the delivery method specified in the customer record. 
  • The Run Date is the actual Statement Date, and this date is key, because once statements are run successfully for a specific run date, it is not possible to print statements for any date prior to that date. 
  • The Cutoff Date refers to the transactions that will (or will not) be printed on the statement.  Any documents dated on or before the cutoff date will be included.

On the Select tab: 

  • Account Type refers to the account type defined for each customer in their customer record on the Processing Tab.  Statements printed for open-item accounts show all outstanding transactions for all periods.  Statements for balance-forward accounts show a total balance forward from the previous period, the transactions posted in the current period, and the outstanding balance in each aging period

On the Criteria tab:

  • Select Customers Based on Balance Type - defaults to debit and credit balances.  If it is necessary to print zero balance statements, this option needs to be selected and then the zero balance statements can be turned on.
  • There are several options that relate only to Open Item Accounts.  None of these functions will have any impact on Balance Forward Accounts. 
  • Open Item Statement Type: changing this option to 'balance forward' effectively changes the open item statement to a balance forward format. Other options in this drop-down menu will change the detail that is shown on the statement itself.
  • Select customers with balances __ days and later allows for printing of only customer with delinquent accounts without having to specify this in a customer name or customer range selection.

The most common problem when running customer statements is the error message 'there are no records in the specified range'. There are a couple of common reasons for this problem: 

No Records in the Specified Range When Printing AR Statements

AR Statements Gives Message 'No Records'

Once the statements have been printed, the question 'Were the statements printed successfully?' will be asked.  If the user answers 'yes' then the statement run will be completed and statements for these customers prior to the run date will not be able to be printed.  This run (as well as any previous runs) will only be able to be Reprinted.  For more information on reprinting customer statements, follow this link: Reprinting Customer Statements.  If the statements have not printed successfully, the user can answer 'no' and then have the option to select which customer statements did or did not print successfully, and can cancel the entire statement run if necessary. 


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