Three decimals in batch listing

Problem Details:

There are 3 decimals showing in the AR Invoice Batch listing in the Total Amount field.



This could be caused by a couple of things. 

If this is a single-currency company:

  • Check Common Services / Company Profile and go to the Options tab.  Check which currency is listed as the Functional Currency.  Then go to Common Services / Currency / Currency Codes.  Enter or select the functional currency code and check the value for the Decimal Places field. 


If this is a multi-currency company:

  • Regardless of the value in the Currency Codes, Decimal Places field, there will be 3 decimals shown in the AR Invoice Batch listing field.  This is a function of turning on Multi-Currency.  To check if multi-currency is in use for this module, first check Common Services / Company Profile on the Options tab.  There is a multi-currency check box in the middle of this screen.  If this option is turned on, check AR Setup / Options on the Processing tab to check if multi-currency is turned on for this module. 



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