Invalid Database Specification when Opening One Company

Problem Details:

All companies open successfully in Sage 300 except for one which gives the error: 'Invalid Database Specification'



Check database setup for this company and verify the SQL instance is correct and the database name is correct and there is a valid database of this name in sql server. If either the server name or the database name is incorrect, the error will appear.

Go to Start / programs / Sage / Sage 300 2014 / Database Setup.  The ADMIN password will be needed.  Select the company that is giving the error and click on Edit.  The following screen will be displayed:

Check the server name and instance and compare it to one of the companies that is working.  Check the database name.  Then open SQL Mgmt Studio and ensure this information is correct.

There are other causes of this error.  See also Invalid Database Specification when logging into Sage 300 and Invalid Database Specification




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