Payroll Error: Check Stock 'CP' in Use by Another User

Problem Details:

When trying to process payroll, the following error message appears:

"Check Stock 'CP' in Use by Another User"



This error may appear if there was some interruption or problem with the original calculation of payroll.  The a4wcontainer.exe file may be locked open.  Close the Sage program and then open Task Manager.  End task on any instances of a4wcontainer.exe listed on the Processes tab.

It is important to make sure that you are not ending a task that a user has in process.  This may cause corrupt data.  That is the reason it is important to have all users exit Sage first before checking for this file in task manager.

Once this process has been ended, re-logon to Sage and run the payroll.  If the problem was a locked record, it should now calculate successfully.





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