How to update a Sage Intelligence Report Template

by Jason Arsenault

Problem Details:

Need to make a change to a pre-existing Sage Intelligence Report.

Sage Intelligence does not allow the edit of the ‘out of the box’ reports. Therefore, a copy of these reports must be made before editing. If the report that requires editing is not an ‘out of the box’ report, it is recommend to make a copy before editing the report in case the previous version needs to be restored.



Go to the Sage Desktop and open Intelligence Reporting -> Report Manager. Find the report that needs updating. Right click on the report and select Copy.

Right click on the folder where the report copy will go and select Paste.

Right click on the newly pasted report and select Rename.  Give the report a new name and press OK.

Press OK and select the first option in the next pop up.

The report will now have a new name.

Right click on the newly copied report and select run.

Fill in any required runtime parameters and press OK.

The report will generate in Excel.  Make the required changes in Excel.  For example, a company logo could be added.



Leave the Excel workbook open and return to the Report Manager screen. Right click on the copy of the report and select Save Excel Template.

Select the open workbook from the pop up screen and press OK.

Select Yes on the next pop up.

Click through the prompts to update and overwrite the template.

When the update is complete run the report and confirm it behaves as expect. Note: The logo now prints on this version of the report.

If further changes are required update the report in Excel again and update the template. Continue this process until the report update is complete. 

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