No Records in the Specified Range when printing AR Statements

Problem Details:

Printing AR Customer Statements gives the message 'No Records in the Specified Range' but there are documents for the customers.



The most common issue for this message is that the 'print statements' option is not selected in the customer record.  This is located on the Processing tab.  If the option is not selected, turn it on and then re-run the statements.

Another scenario which will result in this message being displayed is if the customer(s) selected have a zero balance at the cutoff date.  By default, the AR Customer Statements function does not print statements for customers with zero balances (even if there are transactions) so this option needs to be turned on. First, enter the selection criteria for printing the statements, and then click on the 'Criteria' tab.  Then click on the first option 'Select Customers Based on Balance Type'. By default, debit and credit balance customers are selected, but zero balance customers are not. Select this option and then print the statements.

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