When copying an Order Entry Order or Quote - Invalid input. Salesperson number is blank.

Problem Details:

When trying to copy an order in the Order Entry module the following message is displayed, "Description: Invalid input. Salesperson number is blank." There is no salesperson setup on the customer account.


There is no salesperson setup on the customer account but a non-zero sales split exists. This means that there is a percentage listed, but no salesperson in the customer record, on the Invoicing tab in the Salesperson detail grid: 

Go to Accounts Receivable -> A/R Customers -> Customers. Bring up the customer(s) that were used while attempting to copy the order/quote. Go to the Invoicing tab of the Customer screen and look at the Salesperson section. If a Percentage exists but no Salesperson Code exists then remove the Percentage and save the customer. The copy order/copy quote function should now work.  Another alternative, is to remove the percentage and insert a salesperson code with a percentage.


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