Unit Price does not default to Sale Price

Problem Details:

Sale prices have been setup in IC Item Pricing. Entering an Order for an item on sale, but the unit price still defaults to the Base Price instead of the Sale Price.


Solution Details:

The first thing to check are the dates specified in the Sale Starts and Sale Ends fields.  Go to IC Items and Price Lists / Item Pricing and open the item and price list in question. Ensure that the date on the order being entered falls within the sale dates. 

The second thing to check is that the Sale Price is less than the Base Price.  If the Sale Price is actually higher than the Base Price, Sage will automatically insert the Base Price (the lower of the two prices) into the unit price field on the order even if the date of the order corresponds to the Sale dates.  This is program logic, and is not something that can be set or changed.  (this is different than the Contract Pricing option to 'use lowest price' which can be turned on or off for Contract Prices). 



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