Posting an AR Receipt Amount that is different than the Invoice Amount

Problem Details:

A receipt from a customer is for less (or more) than the actual value of the invoice.  What is the simplest way to enter this receipt.  Does a new invoice or credit note need to be posted?



One of the solutions would be to post a credit note or an invoice or debit note for the amount of the difference, and then post the receipt.  However, that is the long way to processing the receipt.  There is an option in Sage to adjust the invoice from within the receipt entry screen to simplify and expedite the procedure. 

Firstly, to enable this functionality, go to AR Setup / Options on the Transactions tab.  Turn on the option to 'Allow Adjustments in Receipt Batches'

Once this setting is turned on, the 'Adjust' button becomes visible in the Receipt Entry screen when highlighting an invoice and after turning the Apply option from 'no' to 'yes'.

Click the Adjust button to bring up the Miscellaneous Adjustment Entry screen. An adjustment can be done to a specific line item on the invoice, or a summary adjustment can be done to a specific GL account.  The adjustment can be a debit (decreasing the value of the invoice) or a credit (increasing the value of the invoice).

Click on Close on the Miscellaneous Adjustment Entry screen and see the updated values in the Adjustment Amount and Net Balance amount fields on the Receipt Entry. 

This is a quick and efficient way to write-off small amounts or make any kind of adjustments to a document during the receipt entry process.  

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