Is it possible to rerun a recurring batch?


Recurring batches are created to run a number of transaction that need to be created on a periodical basis. For details of setting up a new recurring batch, follow this link: Setting Up Recurring Transactions

Once a recurring transaction runs, it creates a batch in either AR, AP, or GL. This batch can be viewed and edited as normal, before posting. Please make sure that you do not delete the batch with the hope of rerunning the recurring transaction. Once the transaction has been run, the NEXT INVOICE DATE field will change to the next date. This date cannot be set back to rerun the batch. 



What happens if a recurring transaction was run by mistake, then deleted from AR/AP/GL batch? How do we recreate the deleted batch?

A deleted Batch can be recreated manually, but that could be time consuming depending on how many entries there were in the batch.

A quicker method will be to create the batch using the export, import feature.

  1. From the batch list, find a recurring batch (already posted) from the past.  
  2. Open the batch and export into Excel by clicking File – Export – Give the file a name and Path and press OK.
  3. Open the file in excel and change the date to the relevant period.  Also update the document numbers to unique numbers that have not been used previously.
  4. Save and close the excel file.
  5. Import the file by opening a new batch. Give the new batch a description. Press File – Import – Navigate to your file and press OK to import.
  6. This batch can be edited and posted as normal.

Remember to update the document numbering in AR Setup / Options / Numbering.  Edit the next number for Recurring Charges to be the number after the last imported document number. This will ensure the next batch of recurring entries that are created will pick up the correct numbering sequence and avoid the error 'record already exists'. 


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