How to setup Exchange rates in Intacct


 How do I setup my Exchange rates in Intacct?



There is two ways Intacct handles exchange rates: Manually entering the rate under Company's exchange rate setup, or selecting “Intecct daily rate” at the time of transaction in AP and AR. “Intacct daily rate” takes the rate at the time of transaction from their website which is updated regularly. The later method is recommended since there are no setups or maintenance required. 

When you are entering Journal Entries directly into GL, you wouldn't by default see a place where you can enter the exchange rate. To enter your exchange rate for your Journal entry, click on "Show Details" (a pop up that is under each line). This will open up a section below the entry line. Here, you can select the rate type and exchange rate. Enter the exchange rate manually for each JE.

If you want any of the fields from "Show details" section to be a permanent column on the main line, follow these instructions:

  • Click on More Action Located at the top of the Page
  • select Edit Entries Layout
  • Drag and drop the fields as desired
  • Click on Save Layout to save your changes
  • If you feel like you have made a mess, select Default layout, and start over again.  
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