CPP and EI Balancing Report is Blank

Problem Details:

When printing the CPP/QPP and EI Balancing Report, no employees are listed.



The CPP/QPP and EI Balancing Report is located in Canadian Payroll / Payroll Government Reports / T4s.  When opening the T4 screen there is an option on the upper right corner to print the CPP/QPP and EI Balancing Report.  When this checkbox is selected, the balancing report, not T4s, is printed.

If no employees are displayed on this report, that is good news!  Only employees with discrepancies between what they have paid, and what they owe will be shown. However, there are some things to consider when printing the CPP and EI Balancing Report. 

  • Select the correct Pay Frequency.  This frequency is used to calculate the correct amount of CPP and EI that is required.  If the pay frequency is incorrect, there may be an imbalance shown for employees that do not have any true imbalances.  
  • Select the correct Pay Cycle Number.  The pay cycle number refers to the number of pay periods that have been processed.  For example, in a bi-weekly pay frequency, you would enter 26 in the pay cycle number field if the whole year had been completed.  However, if running the report mid-way through a year to check on the status of things, calculate how many pay periods have been paid and enter that number in the pay cycle number field.  Having different numbers in the pay cycle number field will give different results on the output of the report.

To understand how the CPP and EI are calculated review the following:

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