There are no Order Entry entries in the GL

Problem Details:

There are no entries from Order Entry in the General Ledger, even though day end has been run.



Check in OE Setup / G/L Integration.  There is a setting there that tells Sage when to create G/L transactions.  There are two options:

  1. During Day End Processing - this is often the most convenient setting since no further action needs to be taken by the user.  Day End is run and the entries appear in the GL Batch List
  2. On Request Using Create Batch Icon - this selection allows the user when to choose the time to send any transactions from OE to the GL.  Day end processing will update documents in OE and IC, but will not send anything to the GL.  Go to OE Periodic Processing / Create Batch in order to send all transactions to the GL which have been posted since the last time this process was run. 

This option is mostly used when the company procedure is to send all monthly transactions to the GL at one time, instead of on a daily (when day end is run) basis. 

The same setting for sending transactions to the GL exists in all the different modules.  Note that if this setting needs to be changed, the user must complete the process first, before making a change.  For example, if the setting is 'On Request Using Create Batch Icon', then the batches must be created in periodic processing, before the setting can be changed to 'during day end'. Similarly, the day end must be run first before changing the setting from 'during day end' to 'upon request'.

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