Don't want the SIN number printed on Pay stubs.


SIN number is a private number and many employers will not print the SIN number on pay stubs. Sage 300 allows you to turn this setting on or off depending on your company's requirement.


To turn off the Sin Number printing, go to Payroll setup, and open the  Options icon. Click on the Processing Tab. Here you will find a check box for printing SIN numbers. You can turn this setting off by un-checking the box and pressing save.

Even if this option is turned on (or off), you have the ability to turn off (or on) the SIN numbers for an individual cheque run.  After Calculate Payroll is run, and you go to Payroll Cheques to start the cheque printing function, there is an option on that screen to print or not print payroll cheques, and this setting affects only that one individual cheque run.



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