GL Transaction Listing Report with all Detail on One Line


When printing and then exporting the GL Transaction Listing report, each entry takes up two lines and makes it difficult to manipulate data in Excel.



When opening the GL Transactions Listing report icon, there are many criteria to choose from when printing this report.  By default, the option to include 'Posting Seq. and Batch-Entry' is selected and the subsequent report prints each detail line on 2 lines.  If this option is de-selected, the report is able to print all the detail lines on one line each.

Once the report is printed to preview, with only one line per detail, click on the export icon.  Select the option for excel which is listed as 'data only'.

This type of export will make data manipulation in Excel much easier than the Excel export particularly because the formatting does not go from the report to excel, and this eliminates the necessity to undo the 'merge and center' format and get rid of all the empty columns.



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